Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's happening so far in 2011

Well, it's only the beginning of 2011 and so much has happened!! We started out the year living in a little apartment in Shelley, ID with our two beautiful kids. But that didn't last long! In February Mitch got a job at JumpTime Idaho in Meridian, ID (just to the west of Boise) and so we packed up and moved to Nampa! We found a great house in an awesome neighborhood here in Nampa. It has a big backyard that Kai just loves and can run around and play in all day long. We also live in walking distance from a park so we spend alot of time there when the weather is nice. Besides work and fun at the park, Mitch and I are both on a couple softball leagues. We have great teams and it's going to be a fun season! Kennedy is growing like a weed and is starting to get her own little personality!!! I can't wait to see what else this year brings us! A lot of good things are ahead.

And the Parentals

Some of these pictures are from last year, but I don't have them on here yet so I figured I would add them. This one of Mitch is from when we went day camping last summer at Johns Rud in beautiful Missoula. This is also before we gave our loving boxer Ceasar away. Here's Mitch and Kai at Grandma and Papa Dave's house getting ready to go out and feed horses! This is last summer at the Chukars baseball game. My cousins Leah and Mandy and then I am on the left. Absolutely love those girls!!
Mitch just taking it easy!! That's how we roll!

And me, I like to take pictures of my self and everyont else. Mitch will atest to that. I apparently always take pictures of myself lol.

Here's a little Kai

Just showing Kennedy some love :D
LOL I absolutely love this picture and am so glad that I got it! Kai was looking at himself in the little reflecter at walmart while I was checking out.

For some strange reason he loves to wear helmets.....

Riding on the trunkie!

Yes folks, we have a little Steve Erkle in the family!! ha ha I love that you can see his underwear (or wonders as Kai calls them) hanging out the bottom of his shorts.

Mitch playing basketball

Here's the team, made up of Jumptime and Tumbletime employees.

Mitch's arms and chest muscles were so sore come Sunday!

Mitch recently played in a wheelchair basketball tournament. It was so fun to go watch him play and really puts things into perspective. It definately made us think about all that we have and how greatful I am personally to have all my abilities.

Just the Kiddos

Here's our big girl testing out her muscles!!
The two little munchkins just talking away!
I tried to take some cute pics of Ken just at home, this is the only one that acutally turned out good lol.
Kai and Ken are so cute together. Kai just loves being a big brother and showing his little sis some love.
Just a few recent pics of the kids. It's hard to believe that our little Kennedy is almost 4 months old already, and that Kai is 3yrs. It seems like just a few days ago that I brought both of them home from the hospital