Sunday, July 12, 2009

More fun at Grandma and Papa Daves

We had our friends Josh and Pam come over to Grandma and Papa Daves and this is Kai and their son Blake. He's so cute! Him and Kai got along great!!

Kai and Grandma riding Dee. Kai had so much fun and did not want to get off! He got really jealous when it was someone elses turn to take a ride.

Mitch, Braiden and Kenna taking a nap with Kai along side wondering what's going on.

Kai on the tractor

Grandma made a swing from one of the trees in the backyard, here's Mitch and Kai trying it out.

Papa and Grandma Saxtons

Braiden, Kai and Julia were having a water gun fight! It was so much fun!

Kai tasting the water in the swimming pool.

Kai and Julia were playing with a foam piece that goes on the 4-wheeler. It's funny what kids find for entertainment!

Me and Kai just snaping a picture

Papa Dave and Kai were chasing Mitch and Braiden on the 4 wheelers. We all had so much fun with those! Hide and go seek was the best!

Uncle Justin and Kai playing with Vega.

Here is Kai with Uncle Justin and Aunt Sonya's dogs, Vega and Koda.