Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cell Phone Pictures

Here are some random pictures I finally uploaded from my cell phone. Some are old but they are still fun and some of our favorites. This top one is just Kai being Kai, trying to be funny and entertain everyone! He's really good at it!

Here's my handsome hubby showing off his sweet smile.

It' so funny because Kai will only wear a hat if Mitch or I are wearing one. But he doesn't put it on normal, he always puts them on sideways!

Giving my little man kisses!

This is one of my FAVORITES! We were at Kai's doctor appt. and his pediatrician couldn't check his ears because there was too much ear wax. So the nurses had to wrap him up like a burrito to flush out his ears! I just love the look on his face!

Before we cut Kai's hair we had to get a good pic of it standing straight up!

When we went to Papa and Grandma Daves' for a family reunion we played on the little 4-wheelers. Kai loved them and had a really hard time staying away from them. He would just run and climb up! It was so funny.

This is a really old picture, but it's one of Mitch and my's favorites!